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Why Writers Should Blog

“So tell me,” she said with crossed arms, a furrowed brow, and the tone of a prosecuting attorney, “exactly why should I start a blog?”

The woman’s question surprised me – sort of.

I was taken aback by the question because the networking event she and I were attending had nothing to do with blogging. But I shouldn’t have been shocked that she would ask me this question because in my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, I’m considered the go-to girl when it comes to all things blogging.

In 2011 I started See Jane Write, which is not only a blog but also a membership organization for women who write and blog. I host workshops, panel discussions, networking events and conferences under the See Jane Write brand. Many of our events are about blogging, I started this organization in part because I am a blogger, and I grew this organization primarily by blogging. So to many folks, I’m Birmingham’s blog babe (or writeous babe thanks to my old Twitter handle).

I answered her question with another question: “Why do you want to start a blog?”

“Well, I don’t,” she said.

“Then don’t start one,” I replied. She looked stunned.

Obviously, I’m a huge fan of blogging. But if you’re not blogging because you really want to, if you’re only blogging because a chick with curly hair and a hard-to-pronounce name told you that you should, then your blog is most likely going to suck. And the last thing the Internet needs is another craptastic blog.

But if you truly want to start a blog and you haven’t simply because you’re not sure how it could benefit you in the long run, I can discuss that sun up till sun down.

So why am I so in love with blogging?


5 Things Women Writers Should Do This Month

August 1 always feels like the beginning of a new year to me. No, I don’t spend July 31 drinking champagne and counting down the seconds until midnight, but there’s something about August that feels like a clean slate. Most likely, I feel this way because I’m a teacher and August means the beginning of a new school year, but I use this month to start anew in all areas of life, not just my teaching career.

“All In August” is usually my motto for this month. August is the month that I decide to go “all in” with my goals. Think about what could happen in your life if you did the same.

Here are five things you should go “all in” with this month.


Javacia’s July 2017 Goals

Freedom means being yourself without anyone’s permission.

My theme for this month is FREEDOM, and not simply because this is the month in which we celebrate America’s independence.

This month I am setting goals that are all about feeling free.


Write Like a Boss Series: Find Your Tribe and Love Them Hard

I have a confession: I started See Jane Write for selfish reasons.

In 2009 I left my job as a newspaper reporter in Louisville, Kentucky and returned to my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama to teach English at a local high school for kids gifted in the fine arts and math and science. Though I was fond of my new colleagues I missed the group of female writers I was surrounded by in my newsroom.

I searched for a women’s writing group that would welcome poets, authors, journalists, and bloggers – all hats I’d worn at one point in my writing life – but I couldn’t find one. So I decided to start an organization of my own.


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